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Koubra Choukou


Koubra contacted us directly here in Virtual Chad.  If you would like to contact her about what she wrote, please send your message to us and we will make sure your message reaches her address.  We congratulate Koubra Choukou for being the first Chadian woman to send us her testimony of what is really is to be a Chadian woman.

My fellow Chadians,
     My name is Koubra Choukou.  I am from the north of Kanem District and am 20 years old.  I am a student at the University of Yaoundé 1, in my first year of Sociology studies.  I have come to realise that here in Cameroon parents her allow their daughters to continue their studies to the point where they receive their Bachelors and Masters degrees; some even finish their Doctorate degrees.  But where we are from, all is different from everywhere else, since our parents and grandparents do not even let their daughters go to school.  Our parents see school as a source of destruction of their traditions by the westerners.  They prefer to give their daughters in marriage when they are twelve to fifteen years old, to a husband as old as the parents themselves.  Those who are fortunate are given in marriage to a boy, a minor.
     At the same time, I can say from personal experience that the Chadian Woman now has all the opportunities afforded her by being alive in the 21st Century to take charge of her needs and work for modernisation and development in Chad.  As for me, my family refused to send me to continue my studies when I received my secondary school diploma last year, for the simple reason that I am a woman, and a woman's place is in the home.
     So I did all I could to convince my father that women also have a place in society.  I said, "Let me at least go obtain my diploma.  I can take care of myself without having to beg from people left and right.  I just don't want to be a burden to my husband!  Let me at least do what I can to take care of my own needs while at school."  And this is how I am now in Cameroon.  Here I am, studying Sociology.
     I would simply like to tell my sisters that they need to be responsible for their own selves, their own needs.  If one of them has never been to school, surely there is are opportunities for commerce or some other working skill for her to be involved in; lack of schooling does not mean she is without hope.  At the same time, the school is the key that opens the door to all those opportunities....  My dear sisters, I know that the situation in our country is difficult to support right now, but let's not allow others to take the opportunities that come our own way!  Let us be responsible for our own selves, otherwise our lives are useless...
     Please, for goodness sake, why is it that all other societies are changing, and ours is staying the same?  Is religious conflict the source of all this?


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