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Basic Chad Arabic Survival Phrases

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lal - hello (familiar, peer to peer greeting)

al-salm alek - greeting to an adult man, or boy (formal)

al-salm aleki - greeting to an adult woman, or girl (formal)

wa alk al-salm - response to the greeting

inta (m)/inti (f) f? - are you well? (note the difference between addressing a man and a woman)

(an) f - I am well. (response to above; first word is optional)

agod f - you (sing.) stay well (I am leaving, a leave-taking phrase when addressing one person)

agodu f - you (plural) stay well (when addressing more than one person)

amshi f - you (sing.) go well (leave-taking, when you are the one who is staying)

amshu f - you (plural) go well (when addressing more than one person)

usumak shunu? - what is your name?

wn al daktor? - where is the doctor?

wn al labtan? - where is the hospital?

wn inta? - where are you from?

bkam al kitab da? - how much does that book cost?

shunu al kitab da? - what is that book there?

mla? - why?

sh wa mulah - boule (millet paste, staple food of Chad) and sauce

whed, tinn, talta, arba'a, xamsa, sitte, saba'a, tamne, tis'a, ashara - the numbers one through ten

shukran - thank you

afwn - you are welcome (response to "shukran")

antini almi hana churb - Give me water to drink (In such phrases, "please" is not necessary)

antini Coka hana churb - Give me a Coca-Cola to drink

antini mapa - Give me a baguette (French bread)

ma' anata... - What does... mean?"

Da shunu? - What is this?

Kikef tigul... - How do you say...? fransawi - In French arabi - In Arabic inglezi - In English

al hamdu l'llah! - Praise God


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