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Tendjibaye Alladoumngar

     Any newly-arrived tourist in Chad will not go very long without having discovered the artwork of Tendjibaye Alladoumngar, be it his sculptures or his paintings.  He is known for his artwork of daily life in Chad: the village dances, the preparation of a meal, nomads on a journey...  His paintings encompass the realities of Chadian life, in the north as well as in the south.  Symbolism enters into each of his portraits, with a realism which is easily interpreted.  An example of this can be found in Director's Conference Room in the Bank of Central African States (BÉAC) building in downtown N'Djaména.  There you will see a seven metre long tableau of a large dugout canoe transporting six persons.  In the dugout canoe is a barrel of petrol, some lumber, two heads of cattle, a pile of cocoa fruit, and a bale of cotton, each product representing the principal wealth of each member state of BÉAC.
     Mr. Alladoumngar is the father of six children who are also all involved in the arts in one way or another.  He does not work so much for his personal advancement as for the betterment of his country.  As the Secretary General of the Graphic Artists and Sculptors of Chad, he organises Chadian artists to work better, and trains Chadian youth in the Arts.  This association stands up for artistic interests and the promotion of Chadian artwork.
     Although he is best known for his paintings and sculptures, Tendjibaye has also displayed exceptional talent as an illustrator of educational health booklets.  His illustrations may be found in development and health booklets published by EIRENE, Association SIL Chad, and World Vision.
     Tendjibaye has presented innumerable expositions of his work in such respected places as the American Embassy of Chad as well as the French Cultural Centre, in Togo as well as in France.  And now, we have the privilege of presenting you an exposition of several of his portraits here in Virtual Chad!

2001              CEFOD, N'Djaména, in collaboration with the Catholic University of Yaoundé, Cameroon: Training in the Business Administration of Associations under Jacques Fédry

2000              Ministry of Economic Promotion and Development, N'Djaména: Training course in Engineering and Professional Training

1999              France: Exposition of his paintings

1996              French Cultural Centre in Lomé, Togo : Exposition of his paintings

1988-pres.    N'Djaména : Director of the Art College, Secretary General of the Graphic Artists and Sculptors of Chad (AGPT).

1984-1988     The School of Applied Arts in Moundou: contractual teaching post

1986              UNESCO in N'Djaména: Training in booklet illustration

1978-1984     The School of Applied Arts in Sarh: Apprenticeship

1974 - 1977   The School of Applied Arts in Sarh: Study of painting and sculpture

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To contact Tendjibaye Alladoumngar directly, you can e-mail him at You may also reach him by telephone at (235) 52-26-27, or write him at the following address :

Secretary General of "Artistes Graphistes et Plasticiens du Tchad" (AGPT)
B.P. 4153
N'Djaména, CHAD

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