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"Hi, my name is Sarah and my friend and I had to do a school report on a country, so we picked Chad because we wanted to do it on a country a lot of people had probably never heard of. I must admit I had never heard of Chad before we were assigned to the report. I am really happy I chose Chad. By coming to this website, I learned sooo much about Chad. It seems like a really cool place and I would love to visit there one day. This is a really awesome website. Y'all have so many cute things, from tales to coloring pages. In our report, we had to make a food from the country that we chose, and we were even more happy that we chose Chad because y'all even have recipes! We chose Jus de fruit. I sure hope it's good! We are showing our report in front of our class tomorrow so pray that we do well. I think that by finding this website, we will do really good. Thank you for taking your time to do this and may God bless y'all." - Sarah, Louisiana, USA

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There are quite a few websites out there with information about the geography and politics of Chad. For the average research project on Chad, many of your questions will be answered at World Factbook. This is the site where WE go when we want up-to-the-minute statistical information about Chad. Another place to get a good head start on your project is to glean all you can from Gunnar Anzinger's website. The volcanoes of the northern desert of Chad are magnificent, and certainly worth the trip while you are "surfing" in our area.

Here, however, we want to go a step further, and invite you to come visit us in our home to learn more about us. While you sit with us on our woven straw mat, and enjoy a cup of tea with us, we will let you know about the symbolism of the flag of Chad, and give you the words of our national anthem. Chadian art, music and literature is perhaps not as professionally developed as in other nations, but its simplicity and practicality defies world standards. In our culture section, we will give you a crash course in Chadian culture, as well as share the rules to a game or two the children (and adults) of Chad enjoy playing. If you would like to learn about the athletes of Chad, such as our basketball players or Khaltouma Nadjina, our famous sprinter, you can find that information here as well.  Before you leave, we would like to offer you a chance to enjoy some of our favourite Chadian recipes. And what visit to Chad would be complete without pulling out our photo album, to give you a chance to stop and enjoy a moment chez nous?


What’s it like to live in Chad?

There are two seasons in Chad: rainy season and dry season, the names being obvious as to what the seasons mean. Summer in the northern hemisphere is the big rainy season in Chad; winter is the small rainy season. Spring is the very hot season, autumn the short one. Lots of rain means cool weather; no rain makes it up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit even in the shade.

The beauty of this part of Chad (from Lake Chad northward) is the desert landscape. As you head further north into the Sahara, trees become more and more rare. I find it beautiful to see a tree growing in the middle of nowhere, because it has a taproot to some small amount of moisture underground. Trees are very important here, for their shade helps people escape the hot sun. The mountains are another beauty of Chad, some rising up very suddenly in the midst of a flat landscape, sometimes at nearly 45 degree angles-like a rocky skyscraper in the Sahara.

Chadians are very friendly people, known for their bravery and courage. Many Chadians are Animist, but some are Muslim and others are Christian. Animists worship the gods of the river, sky, moon, sun, mountains, and offer animal sacrifices when one of the spirits gets angry and causes disease or calamity to appease them.


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